Saturday, November 1, 2008

As promised...

The ALWAYS festive Mama.....

Okay, my little sugar bugs were up and dancing around early early early today.

Still on a Halloween high I imagine. Miss Allison was up with me at 3 a.m. discussing the nastiness of mosquitoes as she was scratching away. That was when Daddy decided to come home. Luckily for him, WITH poker winnings... We bandaged Miss Cupcake up and sent her along to bed, I fell back to sleep for a couple more hours and now, here we are.

Isn't it funny that kids STILL get excited about Saturday morning cartoons? They have access to the junk 24/7 - but Saturdays are still the 'promised land' of crappy TV. They are actually even being quiet and leaving me alone.... (as a choir of angels sings 'hallelujah' in the background)

I know that the grandfolks are dying for pics of the kiddos in their glory for without further ado... here are those: and I will continue with my rants afterwards. If anyone wants to stick around. Does anyone actually read this? or do they just look at the pictures (like playboy?)

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  1. I read Playboy, but here I just look at the pictures! Hee Hee