Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love it, I love it, I love it.

Yes, that was a direct quote from my dear, sweet, loving mother. 'I love it,' she says.

And this is in direct response to my four year old pitching an ungodly fit. Why? Because her favorite dress was in the laundry.
In all honesty, she was just being too lazy to go upstairs and find a different one, but THAT is another matter.
My mom was on the phone talking about what she was going to do today, (Did I mention that she's leaving for Italy in two days?) when my dear Allison decided that she wasn't receiving quite enough attention.
After asking her nicely to go and get dressed, she refused and it turned into the "1..........2.............3!" standoff.
After much shouting, stomping, slamming, etc. My mother just cackled and said that she was going to be laughing all the way to her grave. Apparently I was a pretty atrocious child for a payback like this one. My only consolation at this point is that Allison's daughter is going to be exponentially WORSE!

Danny boy had his picture day at school today. Poor guy. He put on a golf shirt, looked cool, and then proceeded to button it up all the way. All he needed was a little pocket protector and he would have been good to go. Have any of you ever seen that commercial with the three little boys doing the robot dance? That's my Danny.

In the meantime, I'm partially dreading this weekend. It's going to be a little too jam-packed for my liking. Friday, Rick has band practice. Saturday, Rick has band practice and auditions for a new guitarist. Saturday night we have a birthday party to go to - it's a Wii party for a 5 year old. Hopefully there will be beer.
Sunday we have church, Sunday school and then I have a lunch date with one of my buddies who moved away and abandoned me two years ago. She was a transplant too and had her son right before I had Danny, so I got to learn from her trials and tribulations.... and then she left. But I'm looking forward to seeing her and catching up. Unfortunately she's a health-nut, and now I'm 20+ lbs overweight, so THAT is kind of embarrassing, but hey... c'est la vie.

Did I mention that next weekend is our ten year anniversary? Technically we've been together since 1993 - but legally since 1998. It's hard to imagine. How can you be so different and yet still be the same? That's one for the philosophy class, eh?

Well, we have a date with Danny for lunch today. So I need to get in the shower so as not to embarrass my 6 year old in front of all of his cool friends. (I say this with total sarcasm).

Did I mention that I played paintball last weekend? With a group of 16 year olds? Did I mention that my freakin' muscles still hurt? Did I mention that I'm no longer 'cool'? I'm that crazy old lady that the kids laugh at... oh well. I guess there's worse things to be. At least I'm not the nutty cat lady that lives alone at the end of the street with 40 feral cats- which is what my friend Tray always thought I'd be.... (ya, thanks for the confidence, Tray!)
Can you pick me out of the crowd in the picture below? What? Was it the flannel that tipped you off? I felt the need to wear pink underneath so that people wouldn't mistake me for a man and aim at me unnecessarily. It's sad that I have to think of that... Maybe I should start wearing makeup or something... Suggestions?

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