Tuesday, November 17, 2009


What have I done?

Apparently the chaos of home hasn't been quite hectic enough.

Let's throw a road trip into the mix!!! Yeee Haw!


Yup, I've gone and done it now...

I booked tickets for the kids and I to go to New Hampshire in December for five days... FIVE...... and NO, that's not a typo... the kids and I..... nope, no spouse.

Holy crap... (actually, i accidentally typed 'holly' crap - which is kinda funny, but i digress)

Two fun filled days of travelling with two children who subscribe to the belief of 'perpetual motion' -

Along with 3 fun filled days in an 800 square foot house that is sure to be missing the 'necessary' child friendly babysitting options (i.e. video games, movies, television, computer, etc.)

And... BONUS... it's New Hampshire... so it's freakin' COLD!

again... *sigh*

This is how my children were dressed the last time we went up North...... in AUGUST - they were freezing then.. how are they going to be in DECEMBER?


And this is them just after we landed and got into the rental car on our last trip to New England.
They look so cute, don't they?
Looks can be deceiving.
Allison had just thrown up because she ate too much crap that we threw at her to keep her quiet on the plane. Danny had just gotten through with his dry heaves because his sister had just finished throwing up in the rental car and his stomach strength leaves a little to be desired.

Watch out Mom and Dad - you're in for five days of fun!


  1. Blogging To A Better BonnieNovember 17, 2009 at 4:27 PM

    "Holly" crap is right! I'm one of the worse travelers so I feel for you and the kids completely. God be with you, is all I can say.
    But have a wonderful New England Christmas - it will be like a picture postcard! Maybe you'll get snowed in and have to stay a bit longer - at least then the kids stomachs will have a chance to calm down from the junk food going ;-)

  2. I would love to see you and your beautiful family. And I have all the kid friendly crap you could ever need....just give me a call! It will all be great, took my girls to Vegas a few years ago, had the flu the night before, had to change hotel rooms. As I'm on "my" hands and knees my then 7 years goes screaming out the hotel door to who knows where as she also has not the strongest of stomachs. My step father is running down the hall trying to catch her, my mother is rubbing my back and my oldest well she just stood back!!!! But we did manage to catch our 6:00am flight out of Hartford, CT. When they asked me to take off my shoes I think I paralyzed the poor man with the glare I shot him for asking such a question, couldn't he see I'd been up all night, was trying to keep track of 2 kids, and trying to figure out which greasy overpriced food I was going to feed them prior to flight, not to mention that my youngest retold the story to anyone and everyone who would listen, but wouldn't get within 10 feet of me for fear that I might be sick again..ahh the love of a child (thank God for Nanas). So I think my shoes are still in that airport (hee hee) See it won't be so bad....I promise!!!! Seriously though, I would love to see you, your kids and parents. Jean