Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yet another little epiphany


I hate the fact that I am so incredibly passive/aggressive. It's one of those traits where you KNOW your reaction is coming, but dammit... you just can't seem to help it.

Know what I mean?

Here's example number one...

(names changed to protect the guilty)

I'm angry today at 'someone'.... let's just say for the sake of argument his name is 'Rick'

so here's the deal. Do I say, 'Rick' I'm angry with you.....

oh HELL no....

I go and hang out at someone else's house because..... 'that'll show him'

WTF... really????

Here's the kicker... 'Rick' doesn't give a wing-ding because 'Rick' isn't home.

So stupid... you have to laugh at yourself.

I do this crap all the time. I get mad and do the 'I'll show YOU' routine and end up doing something equally as ridiculous like -not putting the dishes away- oooohhhhhh - impressive!!!

Yup, 20 years of therapy....

..... useless .....

But... We had a GREAT Halloween...

Just look at my monsters!

Hopefully we can save them before their teeth rot out of their heads!
I'm not going to mention that I snagged all of the Hershey's miniatures (that are now gone)......

1 comment:

  1. Oh Sistah! Don't be afraid to speak your mind especially when you are mad about something.
    Or, let me rephrase into passive/aggressive ease... "You don't want to be afraid to speak your mind, do you?" - Sorry. I just spent the weekend with my stepmother (the queen of passive/aggressive) so the vernacular is still in my head.
    Say what you mean, mean what you say or think of it this way... if you don't, "Rick" no doubt gets the underlining message and is choosing to ignore it 'cause he can. You haven't actually said anything.
    And by all means, Yell Here! That's what blogs are for ;-).