Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Do you ever just feel completely overwhelmed?

Every once in a while I just lose it entirely. It's like my eyes are suddenly opened to the true amount of chaos in my world.

...and it ain't pretty.

I know that you're supposed to just take one thing at a time and consider it an accomplishment, but man... when the projects all seem monumental it's hard to really wrap your head around it.

It seems like there's always little things that get in the way of beginning the BIG things.

As I stand at my back door looking out into the yard (which everyone else in the neighborhood can see as well) all I can do is *sigh* and back away from the door. There is just so much to do!

fences to be mended
gates to be power washed, sanded and painted
landscaping to be done
lawn to be cut
rubbish/debris to be removed


So what do i do??? Do I take the initiative, roll up my sleeves and start working?


I play Bejewled.

(I am rolling my eyes as I type this)

You know what???? This is what I'll do.... I'm going to post a 'BEFORE' picture of my backyard.

Then, perhaps, I can be shamed, (whooops sorry, I meant to say MOTIVATED! Yay!!) into accomplishing something -

Keep your fingers crossed that the 'AFTER' picture doesn't look worse!

Good lord, I just went out to take the pictures and now I'm really in panic mode!
Any advice is much appreciated.

~of course we can always hope for rain! (she says hopefully!!!)

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