Sunday, September 21, 2008

No, seriously..

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby?
The only problem is when they're awake!!!
I'm reading to the kids tonight before bed (generally Daddy's job, but the Cowboys are playing tonight and he's a little distracted) so I'm reading to the kids and when the book is finished it turns into...
'can I have a drink?'
'will you snuggle with me?'
'can Daddy snuggle with me?'
and inevitably I turn into the bad guy because I cannot be on the top and bottom bunks at the same time to snuggle with them. In the interest of fairness I tell them that I cannot snuggle with just one, so they're both out of luck... Then they both proceed to get out of bed and clutch at my t-shirt in an attempt to prevent me from leaving the room. (high drama... as always).
I tell them that I will no longer be reading to them EVER as it always seems to deteriorate once the story is over. To which my SIX year old son responds...
"Don't worry Ally, she won't remember what she said tomorrow, anyways..."
do you suppose it's early onset Alzheimers? Or perhaps the constant barrage of
'why Mama?'
'do cocoons taste good to caterpillars?'
'when will I be old enough to wear eyeglashes?" (ally's term for mascara)
'is this a missle or a laser?'
'can we get a sugar glider?'
'is Barbie a princess, too?'
'can I be a batmangirl for halloween?'
'how long until christmas?'
'is candy corn really made from corn?'
'can i have soup?'
'i'm hungry, mama'
i'm hungry, mama'
i'm hungry, mama'
(repeat another 75 times)
okay, i'm going to have to cut this blog short as my husband is currently cussing like a sailor and throwing an unholy hissy fit... (cowboys are losing, apparently) Wish me luck...

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