Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weren't these popular when we were kids?

After much debate, the kids have decided who they are going to be for Halloween... I was rather surprised by their choices.

Here's Danny as the 'Red Jungle Fury Power Ranger' guy - complete with cool Power Ranger moves - He just cracks me up... and then there's Allison who I really expected to go Princess on me... but nooooo - She knocks me for a loop and becomes 'BatmanGirl'

Just when you think you've got them figured out... they go and make up their own minds on you!
They were so crushed that I made them take off the costumes and put them away until Halloween - I think Danny would have slept in his mask if I had let him.

Well, tomorrow is Monday - and thank heaven for that. Allison had a little too much ice cream today... well... a LOT too much ice cream today. She went with me to WalMart and I bought her a chocolate shake (so she'd ride in the cart) - Bribery is a necessity in some situations. Trust me. Once we got home, the kids heard the ice cream truck and of course Daddy is the ultimate sucker for the ice cream man, so.... well.... you can guess the rest. The good thing is that I was forced to steam clean the carpets upstairs and wash out all of Danny's HotWheels & Matchbox cars. (A job I could have happily put off for another 4 years). All that being said... she's STILL going to school tomorrow. She was fine tonight (more than fine, she was downright feisty!) with no fever - just an upset tummy from too much of the good stuff. Does that make me a bad parent that I'm so willing (and looking forward to) sending her on in to school?

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