Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

Okay, here we go! Since all of you folks are SO very far away..... (hint hint) I figured I'd start this blog to allow y'all to see what all is going on here in paradise....

Have I mentioned that the kids are STILL out of school?!?!?!

We went to WalMart today where Al got some makeup (naturally) and Danny got a new LEGO ship (with MISSLES, MAMA!) So they are allowing me time to start this blog and as a bonus I got to take a nap as well! (Yeah ME!)

Rick and Bob are babbling away about Fantasy Football in the kitchen and the discussion will undoubtedly lead to 'what's for dinner' (that's where I come in).

Danny has become quite a structural engineer with his LEGOs - it's amazing what that boy is building... ships, rockets, aircraft and the like. He'll play for hours just designing and redesigning his contraptions. The only downside to all that is the little tiny pieces that I have a tendency to step on in the dark when you least suspect it!

I'm happy to say that my neighborhood finally has 100% power. I was able to get gas yesterday with minimal wait time and there was milk in the stores (whole milk, but milk nonetheless). We were craving the Outback Steakhouse last night - but none was open in the greater Houston area, so things aren't *quite* back to normal.

I donated blood yesterday in an attempt to feel like I was helping those less fortunate. It was my first time donating and I was just tickled by the fact that I got a free t-shirt and nutter-butter cookies! What a deal!
Check back here daily for updates - Y'all will be able to see picture and videos from here without the annoyance of emails!

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